Guangzhou DoublleBioproduct Co., Ltd. is an innovative biotechnology company headquartered at  Science City in Guangzhou. Founded in May 28, 2001 by a group of entrepreneurial returnees and led by a member of China’s 1000 Talents Program  Doublle focuses on discovering and developing innovative biologics with  with two Provincial Key Laboratories of  anti-tumor drug research and development  and a Municipal Key Laboratory of the gene therapy.

Doublle has been a pioneer in anti-tumor gene therapy, And we have built a rich product pipeline targeting gene therapy, oncology, and  radiation protection.  

Our lead product candidates are E10A, E10B, E10C..etc. E10A is an innovative gene drug that is the first gene drug in Phase III in China. 

We believe the next generation of cancer treatment will utilize therapeutics both as gene durg therpy and in combination to attack multiple underlying mechanisms of cancer cell growth and survival.

Founded in May 28, 2001,  we are committed to the development of anti oncogene and targeted therapies.
National high-tech enterprise
Provincial Key Laboratory: research and development of tumor targeted therapy
Provincial Engineering Center: a new anti-tumor vaccine
Municipal Key Laboratory: gene drug research and development

The first gene therapy drug in clinical stage III in China E10A


 DB possesses with many therapy drugs of cancer therapy.

 DB developed chemotherapeutic drugs for E10A combinations.

R&D of DB developed adjuvant drug and  medical instruments related with gene drugs for cancer therapy.

CMO platform has the outstanding facility for manufacture of gene therapy drugs.

 CRO platform of  gene therapy drugs with 15 year clinical experience, net-work and international management system.

 Experimental animal model for drug safety and efficacy research.

 Experimental animal model for drug safety and efficacy research.